Omnyfy Core Release v4.0.7

Omnyfy Core Release v4.0.7

Development/System Requirements

  1. Nginx 1.18+
  2. PHP-7.4+
  3. MySQL MariaDB 10
  4. Elastic Search 7.6
  5. Composer 2

General Updates

  1. Updated version of Stripe (3.3.9)
  2. Ability to set additional attributes as Vendor Policy, and display this as any Vendor Policy on Vendor Storefront
  3. Auto approve Vendor Signup, based on Vendor Types
  4. Additional support to languages on Vendor Signup and Vendor Storefront
  5. Ability to filter Payout History by Invoice ID
  6. Ability to filter Payout History, Vendor Earnings, Marketplace Earnings by Order ID
  7. Cancelled and Closed orders automatically removed from Payouts
  8. Ability to create Subvendor via Import
  9. Move Manage Vendor Signup to Vendor Management tab
  10. Update on password creation for both Vendors and Marketplace Owners, to meet minimum password requirements
  11. Various security fixes
  12. New version of Request for Quote module added to Core
  13. New version of Content Posts added to Core
  14. New version of Dashboard Banner Tiles added to Core

Enhancements, Bug Fixes & Stabilisations Details

  1. Upgrade on Omnyfy to support Stripe 3.3.9, which contains major updates/bug fixes on: subscriptions, GraphQL fixes for 3D Secure, fixing webhook calls, cosmetic UI improvements, Performance improvements and compatibility fixes. Detailed updates from Stripe are available here:

  2. Any customised Vendor Attribute can now be set as a Vendor Policy (Vendor Management > Vendor Attributes > Is a Vendor Policy > Yes/No). If the attribute is set as a Vendor Policy, this attribute will be grouped and show with the policies on the Vendor Storefront. The Marketplace Owner also has the ability of removing default Vendor Policies (Marketing, Payment, Return and Shipping) from the Vendor Attribute Set, in case these are not applicable for the Marketplace. This gives flexibility to Marketplace Owners, removing dependency on Support team 

    Front End Location

  3. When creating a new Vendor Type (Vendor Management > Vendor Types and Attributes > Manage Vendor Types), the Marketplace Owner can now set “Automatically Approve Vendor = Yes/No”). Vendors that signup to the platform on this Vendor Type, will automatically be approved, removing the step of Marketplace Owner to review and approve all requests

  4. Updated the link in the Vendor Payout Notification email to redirect to Vendor Earnings for a clear view of what was included to the payout.

  5. Ability to import subvendors by using a CSV file. An example file can be downloaded from System > Import > Omnyfy SubVendors and used to import subvendors. This creates the Subvendors in the marketplace and can be used by Marketplace Owner and Vendors. If a Vendor runs the import, these subvendors will be assigned to the vendor account automatically.

  6. Fixed the Vendor Signup and Vendor Storefront pages to support multi-language and special characters on descriptions, attributes and attribute values (such as dropdown and multi-select options)

  7. Invoice ID can now be used as a filter on Payout History. Order ID can now be used as a filter on Payout History, Vendor Earnings and Marketplace Earnings. This helps Marketplace Owners, Vendors and Support team to find specific payouts.

  8. Improved cron job and Marketplace Commercials Management code to automatically remove Cancelled and Closed orders from pending payouts, to give clear visibility to Marketplace Owners on the orders that will be paid out to vendors when the payout is processed.

  9. After feedback since Omnyfy 4.0.6 (Menu Restructure), the Vendor Signup Management was moved to Vendor Management.

  10. Update on password requirements for administrators and Vendors accounts by default:

    1. Minimum length of 15 characters 
    2. Must contain 3 of the following attributes 
      1. Upper case alphabetic 
      2. Lower case alphabetic 
      3. Numeric 
      4. Special character

  11. New configuration to enforce password history (Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Admin > Security > Enforce Password History). This determines the number of new passwords that must be assigned to a specific user before an old password can be reused.

  12. Extra validation on Marketplace Commercials Management to avoid issue on Payout calculation in case a calculation has failed and been processed again.

  13. Fix on Vendor Earnings export by Marketplace Owner and Vendor.

  14. Removed duplicated backend logos configuration. Admin Portal Customisation must be selected to make any changes for any backend logo configurations. This is accessed by navigating to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Omnyfy > Admin Portal Customisation.

  15. Fixes on Request for Quote module.
    1. Keeping only one email to vendor when the quote is saved and updated.
    2. Ability to set button name from configurations on the Request for Quote template.

  16. Various security vulnerabilities fixed.

Patches done since release 4.0.6, now also available in 4.0.7

  1. New tax configuration for Vendor Subscription. Previously, the Paid Vendor Subscription were not specifying the Tax Rate for the Vendor. Now, Marketplace Owners can create a Tax Rate on Stripe and set this Tax Rate ID to be used for Vendor Subscriptions (Stores > Settings > Configuration > Omnyfy > Stripe (for subscriptions) > Tax Configuration > Tax Rate ID

    Read here for more information about how to manage your Tax Rates and create a Tax Rate ID: 
    Adding a Tax Rate for Vendor Subscription Plans

  2. Multi-language support to Marketplace Commercials Management module, to support different currencies displaying on:
    1. Payout History
    2. Pending Payouts
    3. Payouts Detail View
    4. Marketplace Fees and Charges Management
    5. Vendor Earnings
    6. Marketplace Owner Earnings
    7. Paid Outs Included in Payout Reference
    8. Рayout Еmail

  3. Fixing bug on automatic source creation.

  4. Various security vulnerabilities and bugs fixed.

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