Adding a Tax Rate for Vendor Subscription Plans

Adding a Tax Rate for Vendor Subscription Plans

By default, Tax is not added to the Stripe Subscription Products. To add a Tax Rate, you will first need to obtain the Tax Rate ID for the subscription plan you would like to add to, then select.
Currently, the tax rate will be applied to all subscriptions, regardless of origin.

Creating a Tax Rate in Stripe

1. Log In to Stripe with the Marketplace Account
2. Navigate to Products > Tax Rates.

3. Select New from the top right.

4. Add the details of the Tax Rates, then select Add Tax Rates at the bottom right of the pop up.

5. Copy the Tax Rate ID for this new entry.

6. Log in to the marketplace back end, then navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Omnyfy > Stripe API (for subscriptions).

7. Paste the Tax Rate ID from Stripe in the Tax Rate ID field, then Save Config.

Applying the Tax Rate to Existing Vendor Stripe Subscription (in Stripe)

Once your Tax Rate has been created, while still logged in to Stripe, navigate to a vendor's specific subscription. You can do this in a few ways. 
NOTE: In Stripe, Vendors are Customers in the context of Vendor Subscriptions, as they are being charged by your Stripe account.

Via Customers Menu

From the top menu, select Customers, then find the customer (vendor) you wish to update the subscription for.

From the subscriptions section in the customer details page, select the 3 dots ( ... ) and choose Update Subscription.

Via Subscriptions Menu

Navigate to Billing > Subscriptions from the top menu tabs. Find the customer (vendor) and select the 3 dots ( ... ) and choose Update Subscription.

Adding the Default Tax Rate

In the update subscription details section for the fly out, you will be to see under the Pricing section, there is a link to Add default tax.

A pop up will appear to allow you to select the Tax Rates available. Select your Tax Rate and choose Add tax.

Once added, select Update subscription to save the Tax for the next invoice.

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