Create Vendor Subscriptions in Omnyfy

Create Vendor Subscriptions in Omnyfy

Subscriptions enable Marketplace Owners to charge vendors to participate in a marketplace. Omnyfy's Vendor Subscription Module uses Stripe Subscriptions to receive payments. If you do not have a Stripe Subscription, click here to create one.

There are two main steps to creating a Vendor Subscription Plan in Omnyfy. 

Step 1: Create a Subscription Plan in Stripe (if you require payment from vendors or plan to charge them later)
Step 2: Publish a Subscription Plan in Omnyfy and link it to your Stripe subscription

This article focuses on publishing your Subscription Plan in Omnyfy. To learn how to create Subscription Plans in Stripe, please click here****.

1. Click on Marketplace Management > Subscription Plan from the Omnyfy Admin Menu

2. Click on Add New Plan button on top right

3. Fill in the subscription plan information

  1. Status: This is the status of the Subscription Plan. Deactivating the plan will hide it front the front end and backend, but the subscripted users can still bill on it.
  2. Subscription Plan Name: Name of the Subscription Plan - ideally ensure that it matches the tier / plan name in the payment gateway
  3. Is Free: If the plan is free, set the toggle to Yes. Subscribers do not have to enter payment details for free plans.
    1. Gateway ID: The field will display only when the Is Free field is set to No. Currently the only Gateway ID that is applicable is Stripe. Copy and Paste the ID from the Payment Gateway Subscription Plan - see Creating a Subscription product in Stripe for Vendor Subscriptions.
    2. Price: The field will display only when the Is Free field is set to No. Enter the price of the plan. Note that this price is NOT used for the subscription billing and is only for display purposes in Omnyfy. The price that will be billed will the one in the Payment gateway. This will need to be the same settings as per Stripe.
    3. Interval: The field will display only when the Is Free field is set to No. Select the Interval (e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Every 3 months, Every 6 months, Annually). This will need to be the same settings as per Stripe.
  4. Description: Enter the short description (255 characters limit) of the subscription plan to the plain text editor.
  5. Button Label: Enter the label of the subscription button. 20 characters limit. For example, Sign Up.
  6. Benefits: It can be used to provide benefits offered under this subscription. Please use "|" (vertical line) to separate benefits into different lines. 255 characters limit.
  7. Promo Text: Enter the promotion text of the subscription plan. For example, Recommended, Coming Soon, Popular. If this field is empty, don't show any promo message on the front end.
  8. Show on Frontend: If the toggle is set No, then the subscription plan will not appear on the front end. Please note, this does not mean the plan is disabled. The marketplace owner can add a vendor to the plan via the backend.
4. Define one off subscription inclusions. Subscription Inclusions enables MO to set the number of specific items that the Vendor has access to as part of their subscriptions. Please note, below inclusions are one-off. If you would like to define repeated usage, please set in the next section Assign Leads Usage to Plan.

  1. Number of Product (one-off): Define the maximum number of products that a Vendor can create. This includes the number of products that an MO can create on behalf of a Vendor.
  2. Number of Request for Quote (one-off): Define the maximum number of RFQ leads that Vendor can receive
  3. Number of Enquiry (one-off): Define the maximum number of enquiry leads that Vendor can receive either from Product Enquiries or Vendor Page Enquiries

5. Define repeated usage. Please note, the repeat usage is defined on the per interval base. 

  1. Click on the Add button to add a new line.
  2. Select the Usage Type.
  3. Enter the Usage Count. For example, 10. 

Repeat steps a to c to create more repeated usage.

Linking your plan to a Vendor Type

1. Link the subscription plan to the vendor type. Go to Marketplace Management> Vendor Types

2. Link the subscription plan and the vendor types by assigning the subscription plan to vendor types. Once completed, when vendors sign up on the frontend, they will be automatically assigned to the user role and the vendor type. 

3. Scroll to Assign User Roles and Subscription Plan.

  1. Click on Add button.
  2. Select the Subscription plan.
  3. Select the User role

Repeat steps a to c to assign more subscription plan and user roles. 

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