Preparing to connect stores to the marketplace

Preparing to connect stores to the marketplace

When setting up an external store to be connected to your Omnyfy Marketplace, there's still a few things that Omnyfy will need to do in order to help connect the store. This include some pre-requisites. One as such is creating a brands attribute and additional custom attributes (see more here Fuse UI - Creating brand and custom product attributes for mapping).

To set up a vendor with their own store, ensure that the marketplace attributes are configured, and that the vendor has been fully onboarded (sources / locations created etc). Then you can simply follow the steps below.

For the individual API / credentials required for specific stores, please see the connection steps below:
  1. Connecting your Shopify store to Omnyfy Fuse
  2. Omnyfy Fuse - Connecting WooCommerce to your Omnyfy Store
  3. Connecting your Google Shopping Product Feed to Omnyfy Fuse
  4. Connecting your Magento 2 store to Omnyfy Fuse
Once the credentials are obtained and Omnyfy has created the connection, you can then proceed to map the data. See Fuse UI - Mapping Product Import Data for details.

If you have any questions, please speak to your Omnyfy support team.
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