Omnyfy Core Release v4.0.5

Omnyfy Core Release v4.0.5

Development/System Requirements

  1. Nginx 1.18+
  2. PHP-7.4+
  3. MySQL MariaDB 10
  4. Elastic Search 7.6
  5. Composer 2

General Updates

  1. Vendor Password can now be captured during the Vendor Registration/Sign Up process
  2. Omnyfy version is now available to be seen on the Admin backend
  3. Ability to change the logos and the page title on backend via configuration
  4. Ability to process payments and payouts via Digital Wallet with Stripe
  5. System vulnerability improvements
  6. Tidy up on the vendor attributes Marketplace Management > Vendor Storefront
  7. Update on Vendor Policies attributes and ability to hide and show on Vendor Storefront
  8. Ability to review document uploaded by Vendor before Marketplace Owner approval
  9. Ability to use filters on MCM Dashboards
  10. Tidy up on RMA for Customer view
  11. New configuration on vendor attributes to set if an attribute is a vendor policy 

Enhancements, Bug Fixes & Stabilisations Details

  1. The Vendor Registration process has been improved. Vendors will now define their password when registering on the sign-up form in the marketplace; when the Marketplace Owner reviews their application and approves then, vendors receive an email and can already login to the platform, removing the need to perform two extra steps to setup and confirm password.
  2. Automated source creation is now defined by Vendor Type in Marketplace Management > Vendor Type. If a vendor type is set to automatically create sources, when the vendor is approved a source will be created based on the information entered on signup. Vendor should then review and add only the extra information needed, such as the address.
  3. Marketplace Owners and support personnel can now see which version of Omnyfy is currently being used, improving the support management and the troubleshooting for the platform - this is visible Stores > Configuration > Omnyfy. You can also see this on the bottom right of the admin footer.
  4. Marketplace Owners and support personnel now have the ability to update the marketplace logos (admin login screen and admin backend top-left logos) using a configuration in the backend Stores > Configuration > Omnyfy > Backend.
  5. Marketplace Owners and support personnel now have the ability to update the marketplace title (admin and frontend) using a configuration in the backend Stores > Configuration > Omnyfy > Backend.
  6. Tidying up on RMA for Customer view related to product images display.
  7. Verification added on product import when done through CSV file, to inform the Marketplace Owner/Vendor to review the file and the specific columns (vendor and source IDs)(System > Data Transfer > Import > Entity Type > Products).
  8. New configuration for vendor attributes: Is Vendor Policy = Yes/No found in Marketplace Management > Vendor > Vendor Attributes. When set to Yes, the attribute will be shown on the policies section on Vendor Storefront (generally found below the products list).
  9. Ability to filter Active/Inactive vendors on Marketplace Fees & Charges Management.
  10. New column on Marketplace Fees & Charges Management to display Payout Basis for each vendor (Wholesale/Commission).
  11. Added a notification when the Marketplace Owner attempts to setup a commission for a wholesale type vendor, informing that a Wholesale Price Vendor cannot have commission values set
  12. Fixed bug on files uploaded during Vendor Registration.
  13. Vendor ID is now available as a filter for product export as a Marketplace Owner (System > Data Transfer > Export > Entity Type > Products).
  14. Tidy up on the vendor attributes (Vendor Storefront), removing unnecessary attributes from this view and only keeping them on Vendor Profile.
  15. Default Vendor Search is now list view, instead of map search.
  16. Additional restrictions added for customers sending vendor enquiries only when logged in, avoiding any bots to send spam to vendors.
  17. Customers are now able to process payments by using their chosen Digital Wallet, via Stripe such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  18. Ability to payout vendors via Stripe when an order was placed via Wallet by customer.
  19. Marketplace Owner are now able to download and review files added by the Vendors when signing up to the marketplace before approving them.
  20. Multiple security fixes and enhancements on the following: Vendor Profile, Vendor Subscription, Search, Featured Vendor and Enquiry Module.

Patches done since release 4.0.4, now also available in 4.0.5

  1. New reports for refunds done after Vendor Payout is complete.
  2. Fixed issues with product export.
  3. Fixed issues with vendor filters on the Vendor Search page.
  4. Fixed issues with customer accounts not showing invoiced items.
  5. Fixed issues with the sub-vendors being able to see the whole order total amount.
  6. Fixed issues with the sub-vendor was not able to view invoices.
  7. Fixed issues with the product saleable quantity being incorrectly deducted.
  8. Fixed issues with non-required vendor attributes were showing as required on vendor signup forms.
  9. Fixed issues that Vendor Shipping was not calculated if that vendor's specific fee is inactive.
  10. Fixed issues that Vendor Shipping was not calculated if vendor KYC is not complete.
  11. Fixed issues generated by the new vendor filter on Customer Group Rules.
  12. Fixed issues with invoice creation and calculation
  13. Aligned change plan button on Vendor Profile
  14. Fixed issues with the product creation by Vendor
  15. Fixed issues with setting shipping fee data with $0 - overall cart will not match a vendor
  16. Ensure that email sent is marked as complete when approving vendor to prevent duplicate approval emails

Please consult with your project/support managers if you need to upgrade your environment.

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