Project Bidding - General Configuration (v4.0.4 and earlier)

Project Bidding - General Configuration (v4.0.4 and earlier)

When you have the Project Bidding module installed, you'll need to do the initial configuration first.

Simply go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Omnyfy > Project Bidding Management.

General Settings

These are the standard settings you can configure.

Field Name



Set to 'Yes' to start using the Project Bidding module on the platform.

Primary Project Type to be Used

Keep as "Default Root Type" - this sets where the primary root of the projects are created.

Term for Invitees

This field is used to label your vendors/service providers/experts. This will appear across the entire Project Bidding workflow.

Default Milestone Image for Shopping Cart

Choose an image to show on the shopping cart page, when a Milestone is added and ready to be paid.

Allow Invite External Vendor

Please keep this set to 'No'.

Enable Milestone Payment

Set 'Yes' if you would like to have the ability for vendors to set multiple milestone payments.

Set to 'No' if you are only allowing a single milestone.

Set Project Budget to Optional

Allow the Project Budget to be an optional field - Yes is the default option.

Set Project Dates to Optional

Allow the Project Dates to be an optional field - Yes is the default option.

Custom Project Question Settings

Field Name


Enable Custom Question on Front End

Enable this to allow additional questions to be asked during the Project creation stage for customers.

If you set this to 'No', then customers will only be asked the first set of questions and be taken straight to the 'Review' screen on the next step.

Default Custom Question Template

Allows you to select a default custom questions template for the Project creation process.


Field Name


Maximum Vendors to be Invited

Limit the amount of vendors that can invited on a project

Allow Notifying Bidding Progress

If set to Yes, all other invitees will be notified when a new proposal is submitted (it will keep anonymous)

Notify Lowest Bid

This option will only appear if Allow Notifying Bidding Progress is set to Yes.

If set to Yes, invitees will also be notified of the current lowest bid on projects they submitted proposals for

This can be used as a way to make the project bidding process more competitive between the vendors.

Project Expiry Length (In Days)

Amount of days a Project remains Open without any Vendors responding

File Upload (Using AWS S3)

Generally this is already pre-configured with populated fields from the Omnyfy Infrastructure DevOps Team - as this is part of the environment set up. If you do not see all of the fields populated, please reach out to the Omnyfy Support team.

Email Templates

There are 23 Email templates at present that are incorporated by default for a variety of triggers/scenarios. Here they are already pre-selected, however if you'd like to customise the content, you can create a new e-mail template from Marketing > Communications > Email Templates > Add New Template and then choose an Omnyfy Bidding template to load and modify. Then save it and update your configuration here.

Vendor Attribute Sets

Now that you have done the done the basic configuration, one thing you will need to also do is ensure that the relevant Vendor Attribute Sets get updated to include the Project Bidding Types field.

It will initially be Unassigned so you will need to add it in (it's also better to have a group for it on it's own section, primarily for clarity to the vendors).

The field is not a required field, so vendors signing up that do not want to be part of Project Bidding can just leave this blank.

Now you can start to set up vendors with Project Bidding!

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