Project Bidding - Creating Custom Proposal Questions

Project Bidding - Creating Custom Proposal Questions

Marketplace Owners can create a set of questions for the Vendors to answer, based on the Project Type that the Registered Customer selected. These questions are asked during the proposal creation process, and can be used by customers to compare the different proposals or even different sets of answers for the same proposal.

These questions can also be answered with a vendor created template which can be imported as above - if they have multiple proposals with similar (if not the same) answers.

Creating the Questionnaire

Questionnaires can only be accessed or modified as a Marketplace Owner.

1. Log in as a Marketplace Owner in the back end of the platform.
2. Navigate to Marketplace Management > Bidding Configuration > Proposal Custom Question Templates.

3. The page will load a list of existing response questionnaire templates. Here you can view the existing questionnaires by going to the Action column, and selecting View from the dropdown. Alternatively you can also add a new questionnaire from the top right Add New Questionnaire.

4. When you select View or Add New Questionnaire, you will be taken to the details page which is very similar to the Project Custom Questions Template layout. You can select Add Option to add questions, much like the Project Custom Questions, however these fields are asked in the back end to the Vendors, rather than the customers.

5. There is a function to Add Group to a proposal, allowing Vendors to include a variety of options for the same questions that can be repeated and compared within the same proposal. Each Proposal Questionnaire Template may currently only have 1 group. 

6. The Group Questions can be duplicated when the Vendor is answering this in the backend, so that they can input multiple selections for if applicable. These are for Customer shortlists, where they can shortlist specific Proposal's Grouped answers. To add more questions to the group, simply select the Add Question to Group button at the top right of the group.

7. Once finished, ensure you select Save at the top right.

Assigning a Proposal Questionnaire Template to a Project Type

Similarly to the Project Custom Questions, you can also set the Proposal Questionnaire Templates in the Project Type.

1. Select the Project type you want to modify by going to Marketplace Management > Bidding Configuration > Project Types.

2. Then select the Project Type from the left.

3. From here, at the bottom section, select the Vendor Proposal Template and then select Save from the top right.

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