Manage and create Vendor Types

Manage and create Vendor Types

Vendor Types enable Marketplace Owners to assign different vendor and/or location attribute sets and subscription plans to one type of vendor. When vendors are subscribing to the Marketplace, the subscription plans available and information asked will be different for each Vendor Type. This helps the Marketplace Owner to manage the marketplace and give different levels of permission to Vendors according to the types created.

Creating a new Vendor Type

  1. Log in to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend. On the Admin sidebar, go to Marketplace Management > Vendor Type > Vendor Types

  2. The list will contain all the Vendor Types included. To create a new one, click Add New Vendor Type. To edit an existing one, search the specific line and click Edit.

  3. Insert the information required.

    1. Status: Choose Yes to activate the Vendor Type

    2. Name: Insert the name of this Vendor Type. This name will be used for the other steps, Backend and Frontend

    3. Vendor Attribute Set: The dropdown list shows all active vendor attribute sets. Choose the Vendor Attribute Set that contains the vendor attributes required for this Vendor Type. The Vendor Attribute Set needs to be created prior to this step.

    4. Location Attribute Set: The dropdown list shows all active location attribute sets. Choose the Location Attribute Set that contains the location attributes required for this Vendor Type. The Location Attribute Set needs to be created prior to this step.
      NOTE: *This is only required for Omnyfy V2*

  4. Vendor Type Search Configuration

    1. Search Mode: Enables the Marketplace Owner to determine how Vendors are shown in Vendor search results. Selecting Vendor shows each Vendor as a single tile on search results. Selecting Location shows each Location as it's own tile on search results. The Default is Vendor
      NOTE: *This is only required for Omnyfy V2*

    2. View Mode: Sets the layout of the Vendor search results page. The Default is Grid View

  5. Assign User Roles and Subscription Plan

    The vendor type can have multiple plans, and should have at least one.

  • To assign a Subscription plan to this Vendor Type, click Add on the table below.

  • Select the required Subscription Plan. The list is populated with the Subscriptions plans created before.

  • Select  the User Role you would like to use. The list is populated with the User Roles created before.

NOTE: The Subscription Plan defines the characteristics and limits of the Vendor Type. For example, the Marketplace Owner can create Basic and Premium subscription plans, and the Basic can have a lower limit for customer's enquires.

The User Role defines the privileges that this Vendor Type will have. For example, having the ability to create a new quote or not.

6. When complete, click Save.

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