Basic Configuration - Currency Setup Section

Basic Configuration - Currency Setup Section

Currency Setup Section

This section is important to setup the basic configurations of the marketplace.

1. Currency Options

Base Currency

Sets the currency in which all payments on the marketplace settle into. For Example -if USD, then all payments are settled in USD and all product or service pricing is set in USD.

IMPORTANT - each marketplace can only have one base currency. If using Stripe as the payment solution, offered by Omnyfy, please ensure that the Base Currency matches the currency of your Stripe Account.

Default Display Currency

Sets the currency that is shown to the customer by default.

NOTE: you can have multiple Display Currencies for each Marketplace. When setting up Multi-Marketplace configurations please explain your requirements to Omnyfy or your implementation partner in relation to exactly which currencies you wish to display prices in.

NOTE: If your base currency is going to be different from your Default Display Currency setting, prices will be converted from the Base currency.

Allowed Currencies

Additional currencies that your customer can choose to view prices

This does not affect the currency paid - the customer will always ultimately be charged in the Base Currency.

Please leave all configurations for the other sections in this tab as is.

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