Project Bidding - Creating Custom Project Questions

Project Bidding - Creating Custom Project Questions

The Omnyfy Project Bidding module allows the Marketplace Owner to create additional questions on Project Creation, based on the Project Types. If enabled for the project type, these questions will be asked to the customer on the 2nd step, after the customers populate the Project Name and Type page.

If the Project project does not have any custom questions, it will go straight to the review page.

Creating Custom Question Templates

Accessing the Custom Questions Template page

  1. First, log in to the platform back end as a Marketplace owner.
  2. Navigate to Marketplace Management > Bidding Configuration > Manage Custom Questions Templates.

  3. Here you can choose to Create or Edit an existing Custom Question Template.

    To Edit an existing template, you must choose the Select dropdown from the right Action column of the table. Here you can choose View, Set the template to inactive or delete the whole question template altogether. 

    To create a new question template, choose Add New Template from the top right.

  4. Here you can enable the template for use, and modify the Template name. Then you can set all additional questions you would like the customer to populate. You can edit existing options, or add new options with the Add Option button on the right.

Managing each Question

With each option, you can set the following:
  1. Field Label: This is the name of the question/field displayed to the customer
  2. Question Order: Input the order in which this question appears in the Project Creation flow. The bigger the number, the lower it appears.
  3. Field Type: This is the type of input the customer will use. There are a few options:
    1. Text: This is a single line text field
    2. Text Area: This is a multi-line text field
    3. Dropdown: This will allow customers to choose a single option via dropdown
    4. Radio Button: This will allow customers to choose a single option via radio button, displaying all available options straight away.
    5. Checkbox: This is a multi-select checkbox field
    6. Multi-select: This is a multi-select field (requires pressing CTRL on front end when using this option)
    7. Date Selector: This will show a calendar where the customers can set a date.
  4. Required: Set this as a required field that needs to be populated/selected before proceeding to the next page.
  5. Max Characters: (only applicable for Text and Text Area): Include a character limit for this field
  6. Options: (only applicable for types with multiple options). Simply select Add Value to add another option to select. Option Label and Option Value can be the same content. 
You can use the Trash icon to delete the option value, or the entire field itself.

Once you’ve finished with the questions template, you can choose Save (or Save and Continue Edit if you would like to continue working on your question template) at the top right.

Assigning Custom Questions to a Project Type

Question Templates can be added to the Project Type. Essentially, each Project Type can have its own unique question template, or you can reuse a standardised template across the board. In the admin, navigate to Marketplace Management > Bidding Configuration > Manage Project Types.

The page will then load a list of existing Project Types that you can customise. Here you can select for each Project Type, which template you would like to use. You can attach the Project Question Template on creation of the Project Type, or attach it later.

If you would like to skip / disable the custom questions for the Project Type, simply select the first option ( --Select Custom Question Template-- ). This will just load the Project Review page after the customer has filled in the basic information.

Once you have made your selection, Save the Project Type.

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