Create and manage Product Attributes Sets

Create and manage Product Attributes Sets

Product attributes set is the template used when creating a new product. The attribute set determines the fields and values available for each new product in your store.

There is a default set of usual attributes already included in the store. However, if you need to create specific types of information for your products, you might need to create a new attribute set to better describe the product.

1. Log in to Omnyfy Marketplace Backend. On the Admin sidebar, go to Stores > Attributes > Attribute Set

2. You will find a list of attributes set available. To create a new one, click Add Attribute Set. To change an existing attribute set, choose from the list.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the existing attribute sets cannot be used before creating a new one.

3. Enter a Name for the new attribute set. You can change the name after.

4. Choose a Based On option. This is a template to base the new attribute set on, and it will make it easier to create the new set.

5. Click Save

6. To change the attributes used, drag and drop from one list to the other. The Group list shows the attributes already assigned to this set, and the Unassigned Attributes list shows attributes not being used on this set.

7. Attributes marked with a red dot cannot be excluded from the Group list, as they are system attributes.

8. It is possible to create a new Group to structure the attribute set, by clicking on Add New and entering a name for the new group.

9. After arranging the correct attributes at the groups and completing the attribute set, click Save.

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