Basic Configuration - Sales Emails Section

Basic Configuration - Sales Emails Section

Sales Emails section

This section primarily focuses on configuring the default sales emails generated by the platform. Here you can choose who the Senders are (provided by the configuration you set in the General > Store Email Addresses), and the templates for you would like to use for each of the triggers.

For the most part, the fields for each trigger are the same. You can ignore the General Settings group, and leave this configuration by default. The other groups for each trigger are:

  • Order

  • Order Comments

  • Invoice

  • Invoice Comments

  • Shipment

  • Shipment Comments

  • Credit Memo

  • Credit Memo Comments

The fields are:

Field Name



Activates this trigger to send an e-mail

Email Sender

Allows you to choose which Store Email Address you would like this e-mail to come from.

Email Template

Allows you to choose which email template is used when sending this trigger.

Email Template for Guest

Allows you to choose which email template is used when sending this trigger for customers who are not registered on the platform (guests).

Email Copy To

Allows you to input other e-mail addresses that can be copied on this transaction e-mail.

Email Copy Method

Allows you to either Cc or Bcc the Email Copy To in the transaction e-mail.

Cc will show the email address (configured from the field above) in the transaction email to the customer. Bcc will hide it from the customer.

You can create your own templates through Marketing > Communications > Email Templates.

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