Basic Configuration - Google API Section

Basic Configuration - Google API Section

Google API section

Here you can configure a variety of different Google services.

NOTE: If you are testing this on a staging environment (or an environment with HTTP Authorisation) the maps may be blocked from it unless you allow whitelisting.

1. Google Maps

You will need to generate an API key for Google Maps and paste the key here. Google Maps is important for vendor onboarding, as it uses the Google Maps API to also auto generate the location and can prefill the details of a vendor's address.

To get the Google API key, you will need to add sign up to Google Maps. Check out the link here:

There are 5 APIs you will need to have Enabled. They are:

  • Directions API

  • Distance Matrix API

  • Geocoding API

  • Maps JavaScript API

  • Maps Static API

Ensure you save the API key information for it to apply.

2. Google Analytics

Here you can choose to enable the standard Google Analytics script and implement your Account Number. You do not need to use this if implementing Google Tag Manager (suggested). If you are using Google Analytics, you will only need to use the "Enable" and "Account Number" field, and the rest can be left as default.

3. Google Adwords

You can leave this by default - as Omnyfy have a Google Ads module for this which you can configure here.

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